Cao QingYa, China

Employment: 杭州钱江新城万豪酒店 – 中国
The period of study in Nanyang Institute of Management was one of the most impressive in my life. Although I have returned to work now, I still miss the days in Nanyang very much. During this period of time, I developed a new way of thinking, and constantly challenged myself to accept new knowledge and new ideas. The teachers are very kind, patiently and carefully in class for the students to answer questions, after class will become friends with us to talk about daily. I also get along well with my classmates. We often brainstorm when working in groups. Everyone has his or her own unique ideas. In a word, I have not only gained knowledge, but also the ability to think independently and the courage to challenge myself.

At present, I have chosen to return to China and firmly choose the hotel industry. Now I am working as a training assistant in Hangzhou Marriott Hotel Qianjiang New Town, mainly responsible for the hotel’s internal training and staff activities, which I enjoy very much.