Zhou Jing Yao, China

Existing Student – 2022
“In 2019, I came to Study in Nanyang Institute of Modern Management in Singapore. It was the first time for me to go abroad to face a strange learning environment and classmates from different countries. It is the friendly feeling of teachers and classmates in Nanyang Modern Management College that makes me adapt to the new environment quickly. Nanyang teacher’s teaching style is different from my teaching style in China. The teachers in Nanyang guided me to establish my own way of thinking in class. It does not directly impart knowledge to others, but teaches me how to solve problems by thinking independently. In this way, I can better absorb the knowledge I have learned, understand and apply it better.

Teachers are very patient to explain the questions raised by students, and often feel embarrassed to ask questions. But teachers say don’t be shy and speak up if you have a problem. I think it also gives me more confidence to a certain extent. We can also see that teachers are very responsible in their assignments and papers. The teachers all give us suggestions for improving our homework. Through teachers’ suggestions, I can improve my knowledge system and make progress. “