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Zhang Yi Qian, China

Further Study: Advanced Diploma in Tourism & Hospitality Management
“I think the most advantage of studying in Singapore is that it is close to China and the language communication is smooth, so there are no problems in daily life. Eat side also has a lot of choice, because there are so many countries, Chinese food, Indian food, Thai food, Korean meal, RiBenCan what of, so don’t eat not to spoil, every day can change pattern, and generally will have a food court, near the home to go out to eat rice also don’t need to travel very far, want take-away food is also very convenient. Then the accommodation should be the biggest cost, because like the apartment now at least 1000 more than a new month, ancestral house will be a little cheaper, or to see their preferences. There are also lots of places to go for daily entertainment, such as Orchard Road or Marina Bay Sand, Universal Studios, and then the West Coast or hiking.”