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Authenticate OpenCert

Graduates from courses awarded by NIM from September 2022 onwards will receive both printed and digital versions of their Academic Certificate and Transcript. Our graduates may send the OpenCert digital file to employers or institutes of higher learning to verify their OpenCert’s authenticity.
The OpenCert file is a verifiable digital version of your certificate. Our OpeCert authentication service is best compatible with Chrome and Safari desktop browsers.
For verification of graduate records from 2001 to September 2022:

What is OpenCert

OpenCerts was developed by GovTech Singapore as part of the Singapore Government’s initiative for the nation to go digital. It’s an open source schema used for publishing education credentials and is powered by blockchain technology to ensure issued digital certificate and digital transcript have not been tampered with.

How Does OpenCert Works

When a digital certificate and digital transcript is created, it will create a hash. The hash that is generated based on the contents inside the certificate and so any changes to the certificate’s content will generate a different hash. The certificate’s unique hash will then be appended on the blockchain.

To authenticate a digital certificate and digital transcript, the platform will first check if it has been issued.

The platform will then hash the digital certificate and digital transcript contents and compare it with the original hash that was previously appended on the blockchain in Step 1.

If both hashes match, the system will determine that the digital certificate and digital transcript is authentic and has not been tampered with. If the hashes don’t match, it will fail its authentication. The authentication service will then provide the failure status to justify why it failed the authentication.