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Student Orientation

The new student orientation sessions are offered at the beginning of each intake to help new students adjust to Singapore life (international students) and to induct them into our institute’s culture. The programme will be covered by the Student Services staff.
The sessions include an introduction to the school organisation and the key staff personnel in our institute and activities to provide a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere that connects students to campus resources and people. The orientation programme acquaints students with institutional expectations and values, and promotes learning and discovery both inside and outside the classroom.

Areas Covered in Student Orientation

  1. Overview and Services of Committee of Private Education
  2. Student Contract
  3. Fee Protection Scheme
  4. Medical Insurance
  5. Refund Procedures
  6. Transfer, Withdraw and Deferment Procedures
  7. Student's Pass Regulations

  1. NIM Vision, Mission, Values and Culture
  2. NIM School Structure and Key Management
  3. Examination Structure
  4. Dispute resolution procedures

  1. Attendance
  2. Fee payment
  3. Overview and applicable laws of Singapore
  4. Facilities and amenities around campus
  5. Details of the Student Handbook
  6. List of Student Support Services